Back On My Feet-A Helping Fund


Back On My Feet
is a non-profit organization, created in 2007 by Fr Gregory Lee Wilcox, a retired priest, Melissa Berry and Tanya Parham, dedicated to provide assistance to families and individuals facing severe medical problems but without adequate coverage to meet their needs. In 2003 Fr Wilcox was severely injured and left unable to fulfill his duties as a parish priest. At that time he received help from friends to cover his catastrophic medical expenses, but the experience left him with an abiding concern for others who find themselves in similar circumstances. With his good friends Melissa Berry (the financial manager of Back On My Feet) and Tanya Parham, the Fund's administrator, he set up the Helping Fund under the auspices of the National Heritage Foundation. It raises tax-deductible money from both public and private donors to assist those who would otherwise be left without the ability to meet their medical expenses.

What We Do and How We Do It

Back On My Feet provides money to cover medical as well as major living expenses (rent, food or utilities) during personal medical crises. In certain instances, when "in kind" donors may be found (medical supplies and equipment, for example), other help may also be available. Application for assistance may be made to the Board of the Fund by completing the forms found on the Application page of this website or by requesting the forms from Back On My Feet at the address on our Contact page. Disbursement is made on a case-by-case basis at the decision of the Board, and all financial disbursements are handled through the National Heritage Foundation.

While we raise money and accept other donations from both private donors and public groups, most of our work is sponsored by individuals. We can each do something to make a difference. Fr Wilcox sells books on and the profits from his book sales go to the NHF Back On My Feet Fund; Tanya Parham is an Ebay seller and a portion of her profits are likewise donated to the Fund; others Friends of Back On My Feet make monthly, quarterly or annual gifts to the Fund. The NHF provides annual statements to all donors (all financial donations to the fund are tax-exempt, though "in kind" donations must be pre-approved by the NHF--contact us for more information).

Who We Help

Back On My Feet provides help to those in dire need, regardless of creed (or lack thereof), ethnicity, gender or age. We are motivated by the Gospel words of the Lord Jesus: "Insomuch as you have done this to the least of My brethren, you have done it unto Me."  Jesus is found in the suffering of every human being and Back On My Feet seeks to serve Him there.

You Can Help Us Help

You can be a part of the charitable work of Back On My Feet, by sending your donations to "Back On My Feet-NHF" at the address on our Contact page, or clicking on the NHF-CDP donation form on our Donate page. Please note that Back On My Feet does not collect money directly--to preserve our tax-exempt status, all donations must be directed to the NHF.